And The Birds Sang

Animated soundscore for Brass Band. Created from foley recordings of a Trombone mouthpiece, used to create an immersive backdrop to assist in the improvisation. Players are encouraged to move between what they see on the screen, what the hear emanating from a speaker and what they hear from their colleagues. The piece is created from the gaps, performers listening, adding, listening, adding, constantly unfolding and folding, creating a mass of sound, as if birds were starting to sing after silence.

Questioning The Elements

Commissioned by SPIKE Alternative Cello Festival. The piece uses music concréte, an animated score and two cellists, to produce the sound world. A soundscape is created from recordings of the sound making elements of a cello. The peg-box, the spike, the finger-board, the scroll, the bridge, all sort of parts were used to make noise. An element I consider to be very important is the voice of the cellist and the voices of anyone listening, so I asked for contributors to talk about their thoughts on the sound-making elements of a cello. Thanks to Mary Barnecutt, Anthony Fox, Martina Murray, Raven, Nicole Rourke and Yue Tang for providing such wonderful recordings.

Thanks also to the Cellists who performed in The Workman's Club, Dublin 2019 are Lana Kostic and Awen Blandford.

The game score is available here


Shortlisted for the Hearsay Prize in 2014, Look (FFEBCD). It uses the hexadecimal javascript colour value of blanchedalmond as inspiration for the text that a crowdsourced group of people recorded as spoke, rapped, sung, or vocalized. Using electroacoustic editing techniques, I produced many short audio clips which can be performed via the web browser.

Tale Of A Great Sham(e)Text

Exhibited at Sonorities Festival Belfast, Tale of a Great Sham(e) Text is available as a Gamescore, a Twitterbot, a blog, a Youtube channel, and a Soundcloud page.